Tomahawk Lake Water Park

Parents and older children will be swept away by Tomahawk Lake's wide variety of incredible water slides to choose from:

Sitting Bull*: a serpentine body slide which exits into a 3-1/2 feet deep chlorinated pool.
Min. height: 45".

Crazy Horse*: 4 side-by-side, head-first-on-mat racing slides onto shallow 18" chlorinated waterslide runout. No swimming is required. Min. height: 45".
Apache Plunge*: 4 person 610 ft. Mammouth Flume Raft Ride. No swimming Required.
Min. height: 45".

Geronimo: Coaster- Ride sled down ramp- skim out over lake. Runout is 6-8 feet deep.
Min. height: 48".
Rocky Mountain: Ride single or double tube 512 foot serpentine slide into 6-7 foot deep lake.
Min. height: 48".
Black Snake: Ride single or double tube thru 503 foot serpentine tunnel into 6 foot deep lake.
Min. height: 48".
Sioux Slide: 400 ft long speed slide- Ride straight down on single tube. Skim across 6-8 ft deep lake.
Min. height: 48".

*Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull Slides, & Apache Plunge: Riders must be 45" high or taller

** Must be a swimmer 48" or taller to Ride. || TO RIDE ALL WATER SLIDES: Riders must be 48" high or taller Swimmer || Read the Restrictions>>

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Unlimited Water Slides
* Water slide rides are in addition to the admission price.

$12.00 weekdays
$15.00 weekends

$10.00 weekdays
$12.00 weekends