Rules & Restrictions

The management reserves the right to ask unruly patrons to leave the park with NO refunds

Patrons must obey posted rules or verbal staff direction while at the park

Swimming Smoke Free Facility

WATER & RIDES- OPEN 10 AM  CLOSE weekdays 1/2 Hour prior to close & weeknds 1 hour prior to park closing.

At entrance have money ready / ATM Available



  • Vehicles must park where directed. Car Radios MUSTbe off & remain off in park
  • When Parking is Full, there will be No Walkins
  • NO RV’s, Motor Homes, large trucks or buses

  • NO bicycles, skateboards, hoverboards, scooters, roller skates, motorized toys, drones, large air mattresses or water guns.
  • NO GLASS Bottles or Containers
  • NO LOUD MUSIC boom boxes, amplified, speakers, radios, ipods, drums or musical instruments in park or on beach
  • NO Smoking / NO Hookahs or E-cigarettes
  • NO Pets
  • NO Fishing

BEACH   No Smoking!

  • NO Swimming while Intoxicated
  • Swim in designated roped areas only
  • NO swimming in long pant. Proper bathing attire required.
  • Small children must wear swim diapers! sold at park's Trading Post
  • NO oversized inflatable in swim areas
  • NO ball playing on beach or water
  • NO folding tables on beach


  • CHILDREN 4 FT Tall & under ONLY
  • NO ONE with all slide ride wristbands allowed.
  • INFANTS & TODDLERS must be accompanied by a responsible person. A “CHILD WATCHER” who may not swim, climb, ride or swing in or on any papoose land equipment. They must stand by or hold child’s hand. Adults watching older children must watch from beach.
  • NO INFLATABLES! NO swimmies, tubes or rafts.
  • ON SLIDES: One at a time, feet first & sit up.
  • Don’t block LIFEGUARD’S path or view of water with blankets or umbrellas


  • Children 5ft. tall & under only
  • 1 person on equipment at a time
  • NO Inflatables




  • NO outside food Deliveries
  • Put Recyclables in Blue Plastic Designated Cans
  • NO holding tables. First Come, First Served. One per car. Large groups must reserve area.
  • NO Hanging clothes or towel, tarps or hammocks from trees or fences. NO tents or large umbrellas with side obstructions.

  • NO sitting on tabletops and fences
  • NO Charcoal grills on tabletops or on Garbage Cans
  • NO Gas grills, wood or ground campfires
  • NO charcoal grills larger than 21”
  • NO coolers larger than 36’
  • Empty Hot Coals in “HOT COALS ONLY” cans
  • Keg beer ordered in advance from park ONLY
  • No Refunds



  • NO Food or Drink
  • On slides riders must be at least 4 feet tall & swimmer.
  • On Blue Slides - must be at least 45" tall
  • Proper bathing attire required.
  • NO gum, eye glasses, goggles, masks, shoes, flip-flops, jewelry, cutoff jeans or casts. Only water shoes acceptable.
  • Tubes  are to be held in front with 2 hands
  • On double tube heaviest rider in back
  • Ride feet first except for Blue Crazy Horse Racing slide.
  • DO NOT attempt to stand up or slow self down
  • Always exit water immediately
  • BOATS have weight restrictions
  • Stay seated legs & arms inside. No lying down.
  • All riders must have life jacket or seat.
  • Keep boats apart & away from shore by 25 feet.
  • Keep oars in oar locks. No splashing.
  • DO NOT change seats or get out anywhere but onto boat dock.

ICE, Grills, Charcoal, Picnic Supplies, Souveneirs, Toys and more sold at Trading Post

* Hours & Attractions are subject to change without notice for any reason including inclement weather or maintenance requirements.

64th Season
87 Days of Operation:
May 28 - June 12 Weekends
June 18 - Sept. 5 Daily

Hours of Operation:
Holidays & Weekends:
May, June, Sept.
July, Aug. 9:00AM-7:00PM
June & Aug, Sep.
July 10:00AM-6:00PM
Schools - Class Trips / Field Day
(Reservation Only)
June 13 - 17  
Indian Summer Group - Catering Package
Sept. 10 + 11  
Life Guards
Weekdays: Off duty 1/2 hour before park closes
Weekends: 1 hour before park closes

Park Office:(973) 398-7777 During Season

Sales Office: (973) 478-7490
Weekdays 10:00AM-4:00PM

No Credit or Debit Cards!
ATM Available